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Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Home Chef Grocery Basket - The Chef Scott Shop

Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Home Chef Grocery Basket

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Here is what your curated Chef Scott Home Chef Grocery Basket Includes:

Romaine Hearts 1 x 3 Pack
Hothouse Tomatoes 4 Each
Hothouse Yellow Peppers 2 Each
Boston Hydro Lettuce 1 Each
Hothouse Red Peppers 2 Each
Spanish Onion 1 Each
English Cucumber 1 Each
Gala Apples 4 Each
Oranges 4 Each
Whole Cremini Mushrooms 8 oz Pack
Yellow Zucchini 2 Each
Celery 1 Bunch
Cauliflower 1 Head
Strawberries 1 Contianer
Blueberries 1 Container
Heirloom Rainbow Carrots 4 Pieces
Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes 1 Pint
Asparagus 1 Bunch
Garlic 2 Bulbs
Red Onions 1 Each
Green Onions 1 Bunch