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Beemster Cheese (Gouda) - 200 Grams - Approx. 7 Oz. - The Chef Scott Shop

Beemster Cheese (Gouda) - 200 Grams - Approx. 7 Oz.

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Beemster is a classic aged gouda that just can’t be beat. Unlike the milky pale color of goat gouda, a classically aged gouda boasts a warm golden hue. At first taste, this cheese delivers a mild nuttiness, balanced by a firm, smooth texture. Traditional gouda is aged on seasoned wood. This process exchanges the classic gouda flavor between the cheese and its environment over the length of the aging process. The longer the cheese is aged, the greater the intensity of flavor.

Pair a classic gouda with nearly any fruit or bread and you’re sure to be delighted. Classic goudas can be used well beyond the cheeseboard. Try it on a sandwich or in a baked macaroni and cheese. It has a similar versatility to cheddar and is great for cooking soups and Tex-Mex dishes.The name Gouda is used today as a general term for numerous similar cheeses produced in the traditional Dutch manner since 1184..          

Gouda cheese is one of the oldest recorded cheeses in the world still made today. Cheese making traditionally was a woman's task in Dutch culture, with farmers' wives passing their cheesemaking skills on to their daughters.