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Here is a list of Chef Scott's favourite purveyors of adult beverages. Click on the appropriate logos to order from them directly and they will deliver direct to your door.

Chef Scott's Ontario Wine Suggestions: 

Three Dog Winery - Prince Edward County

Three Dog Winery is located in beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario. A small family run winery, owners John & Sacha pour their heart and soul into their  business and you can taste their hard work in every glass. It is one of Chef Scott's favourite Prince Edward County Wineries. They offer fun, approachable wines for you to enjoy with friends and family. Home delivery is available.


Chef Scott's Ontario Craft Beer Suggestions: 



Eastbound Brewing Company

Eastbound Brewing Co. is one of Chef Scott's favourite craft breweries in the city. They are conveniently located at Queen & Broadview in the city's east end. You will find a wide variety of styles and flavours for you to discover. Home delivery is available.


Please note we cannot sell wine and craft beer directly due to provincial liquor laws. You must order from the winery or brewery directly, subject to their terms and conditions. Your beer and wine WILL NOT be delivered with your Chef Scott Shop order. These recommendations are for informational purposes only. 

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